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Innis & Gunn VR: Explore Scotland with Immersive & Gunn!

Did you know: combining beer with VR makes for one of the world’s greatest experiences? Stop right there. We aren’t talking intoxicated bro-hawks raging in VR headsets – “BRO WTF THIS IS SO TRIPPY!“. Lets take the more sophisticated route and explore this like a gentleman. Innis & Gunn isn’t just “a beer”. Those who appreciate a good scotch know that Innis & Gunn is the closest you’ll get to refined beer drinking. It has all  ...

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Forty Creek Whisky Cocktail Recipes for the Fall Gentleman

I love the fall. Well, first and for most: my birthday is the first thing to happen in fall, which is kind of cool in it’s own regard. Not that I care too much about it anymore, but in yesteryear, I would tenaciously look forward to another nullified evening of self-indulgement with my friends. Not nearly as exciting these days, mainly because it just isn’t as exciting as you get older. Another reason is that I can stop sweating in t-shirts and shorts. Don’t get me wrong,  ...

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Representing Movember in McGregor Weekender Socks

Movember is upon us once again. Not only are men from around the world now reaching the 10th day of growing a lovely upper lip cover, but it’s also time to bring awareness to prostate cancer – a real life issue that affects one in every eight men. To help extend the message of Movember (and keep people fashionable), Canadian’s favourite sock maker McGregor has introduced special Movember socks, built for any occasion: from the boardroom to the backwoods. This month,  ...

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Your First 30 Minutes in No Man’s Sky (PS4)

As an avid sci-fi nerd and space enthusiast, it’s easy to see a game like No Man’s Sky and get tremendously excited. There aren’t too many games out there that allow free exploration of the cosmos – well, not recently, since I feel as though the 80’s and 90’s had many DOS games that filled the void rather well. No Man’s Sky is one of those game-changer type games, and while some may say it did not live up to the expectations (one guy wanted a refund  ...

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Vans x Nintendo Gamer Sneakers

Too cool to pass up, Vans had released a Nintendo branded sneaker that talks directly to people that grew up to retro video games. The Vans and Nintendo collaboration features an extensive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories celebrating the early days of video games. Loaded with unique graphic prints that include throwback characters from Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda, the super fun and poppy colours, mixed with a healthy dose of nostalgia, is  ...

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You’re Invited: Tesla’s Electric Road Trip Tour

Today, Tesla will be hosting a public Open House event at the Sherwood Inn as part of the Electric Road Trip tour. Together, Tesla owners have driven over two billion miles without a drop of gas. To accelerate the journey to the next billion, Tesla is embarking on a three-month Electric Road Trip around the world to meet with new communities of enthusiasts. Tesla invites customers, owners and fans to join us as we stop through dozens of cities worldwide to offer test drives that showcase  ...

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Why Men Love Driving A Mini

In a distant episode from the Simpsons, Nelson once laughed at a man exceedingly crammed in a small car. His tune immediately changed as an 8′ giant stepped out of the car and taught the young bully lesson, forcing an apology and making him do the walk of shame in his underpants. Nelson quickly learned his lesson – never underestimate a guy in a small car. Times have changed since then. The gawkers have diminished in numbers as more men are selecting smaller vehicles over larger  ...

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Huffington Post: Ford F150 Road Trip

Reggie and Madaline recently completed a road trip to Creemore and Wasaga Beach, Ontario in the new 2016 Ford F-150 Limited, sponsored by Autoroad. In terms of summer vacationing, this summer most Canadians can agree on one thing: travelling to the US may not be in the budget. The Canadian dollar is at an unfortunate low, and as most analysts are identifying Canadians as hesitant of heading south of the border, we look elsewhere to more economically friendly destinations. As such, short of  ...

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A Message to Raymond, Grammar Troll and Owner of Leaside Paint Centre

Some might call this an unnecessary vent that I probably should just brush aside. To be frank, I haven’t really had the opportunity to rant or vent about anything on my blog since 2009. And really, you can only be polite so much before you explode. So I’m letting myself do just that. I recently published an article on one of the many guest sites that I contribute to. Most of the time, the comment section is always a cesspool and/or breeding ground of low-lifes and extremists,  ...

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Samsung’s next smartphone display was designed for VR

It’s becoming more and more clear that virtual reality is going to the be the driver to push the spec race in smartphones to the next level. This week, Samsung demonstrated a new smartphone display designed specifically for VR and likely headed to a future Samsung smartphone. According to a report from UploadVR, the 5.5-inch panel packs 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, making it a 4K class screen. It has a staggering 806PPI, 350 nit brightness level, and can reproduce 97 percent of the  ...

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