Five Kick-Ass iPhone Apps (+2 more goodies)

Every iPhone is different. Why? Because of the apps. Lets take a peak at my most recent favourites that I’ve been leg humping vigorously.

Anthm (free; Rdio membership required)

Ever been to a party and had that guy who insists on being the iPod DJ? Now it’s time to turn the (mobile) table.

Anthm creates a jukebox for fellow Anthm users to connect and load songs onto the playlist. The host, which acts as jukebox and Rdio account holder, grabs up songs from other party minions via their Anthm app. Plus, people can thumbs up/down songs on the playlist.

In case you have that guy at your party.

Highlight (free)

Another innovative app that’s been the talk at SXSW.

Connect with friends and mutuals off Facebook, Twitter, etc by receiving push messages when they’re physically nearby you using geo-locationing. Possible stalker prey app, but none the less, very neat way to meet people.

Warning: like most location based apps, it’ll drain your battery dry like a vampire on virgins.

Jetsetter (free)

The GILT Group takes the next step of Internet-takeover by introducing a slick new deals site: this time on luxury vacations around the world. Save hundreds of bucks on jaw dropping resorts, hotels, bungalows, yachts – almost anything you can fit a Queen+ size bed in. The vacation pictures are almost artistic. Which is probably why I’m on the app daily.

SmartSync (free)

I remember using something similar to this app during my jailbreak days.

It links your Facebook contacts with your existing address book, but takes the next step in showing you their latest Facebook Place check-in, status update, birthday announcement, and anything else to further benefit your friendship endeavors.

It also gives you another reason not to answer your phone.

Evi ($0.99)

Siri’s half retarded little sister.

Okay, she’s not really all that bad. Evi responds exceptionally well to voice commands (I’ll give it a solid 90% success rate), but it’s only drawbacks is that’s it not Siri. It can search the web for you and answer most of your questions, but it can’t answer opinions nor do phone based commands like texting. And the answer server is kind of slow sometimes. But it’ll hold me down ’til the iPhone 5 just fine.

Side note: heard its getting pulled from the App Store for being too much like its older sister? Well, it sounds like Apple changed its mind and has decided to work with the creators instead.

Honourable Mention: Tapped Out (N/A; possibly $6 one day)

Speaking of pulled iPhone apps, the Simpsons meets The Sims game was such a raging success, that EA pulled it from the App Store. They say it’s because it’s overwhelming popularity was dominating their servers, but with decent EA games running for $6 a pop, my guess is that they’re looking for a way to get paid off your ass.

If you got it, congrats. Let’s build a town of Springfield while we don’t have to pay for it.

Another Honourable Mention: Dingo (free)

I was introduced to Dingo, along with a ton of other Toronto based tweet-o-holics. I mean, you probably recognize or are following half the “mavens” in the screenshot above.

Dingo provides you with a pool of cool events happening in your city. People post, people share, and people party – providing an opportunity to fill in your questionably evenings with an injection of awesome. On my first use, I found out my favourite author, Douglas Coupland was in Toronto for a chat, the ROM was hosting another mega cool event, and a few other things that apparently slipped by me. Definitely neat to have on the side.

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