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Two Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Philips Laser Shavers & USB Toothbrushes

You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of technological advances when lasers are involved. Okay okay, so they’re not really laser that will remove the hair off your pretty face – they’re used for guiding you as you trim yourself to visual perfection. First hand proof, coming right up.

As for electric toothbrushes, for me they fall into the category of “Things that advanced people do”, like remote car starters and dishwashing machines. It’s a definitive game changer when you go from repetitious lateral hand movements with a stick, to forcing yourself to hold your hand steady as this speedy little mouth vibrator does all the work for you. It feels weird at first, but there’s a lot of benefits, especially with this future tech toothbrush that Philips has come up with.

Time to show you why they’re pretty legit gifts for Xmas.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush


Whoa, what a name, eh? I mean, they really could’ve added a few other sellable features to it, like “USB powered” or “Wireless Rechargeable”, and I’m sure a few extra units could’ve been sold.

This electronic toothbrush is quite the bad boy for a holiday gift: it’s feature packed for the modern guy, it’s travel conscious, and it’s built to easily embed itself into any morning routine. AND – it’s got a 4.5 star review on Amazon.

So what does it do better than most of your average electronic toothbrushes?

  • It’s USB compatible: Perfect for business trips overseas or when he runs out of juice on the road. Charge this baby up with his laptop from nearly any place in the world.
  • He can charge it in a bathroom cup: Yes, it’s true. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean comes with a bathroom cup that he can drop his toothbrush into, which wirelessly charges it via the charging station it sits on. Smart thinking.
  • It has more brush options than your vibrator: He’ll be able to use it to do a ton of different uses, including Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care, and Sensitive – each providing a different response from as 2-3 minute cleaning to gentle brushing for sensitive teeth.

It’s solid gifting win when you consider most guys have a standard toothbrush. Drop his bad breath for good.

Perfect for:

  • The guy that still has a ratty, split bristled toothbrush
  • The guy that loves his gadgets
  • The guy who travels often

More details on the Sonicare DiamondClean Electronic Toothbrush.


Philips Laser Beard Trimmer


This device took a while to get around to using since I received it, primarily because Movember has been a rather pampering month for me. After I did the whole Gotstyle Movember team thing and came out with this sweet-ass mini-handlebar moustache thanks to my friend Boye at a Philippine Relief event, I made a bet with one of the barbers at Original Grooming Experts that if I grew out a thick, thick goatee for her to design on, she’ll wear a bear costume to work one day to cut hair. How could I say no?

Fortunately this falls into place as this trimmer would see a ton of action this month, as my out-of-control goatee and surrounding shadow needed some love in preparation for this.

The Philips Laser Beard Trimmer is much like the previous Philips shavers I’ve used, including the Styleshaver, which I happen to use quite a lot. Many of the features are the same: charge it up, adjust the height of your beard, look cool doing it. But the laser trimmer adds one obvious feature: it has a laser to guide you through the process.

philips-laser-beard-trimmer-1 photo 3

photo 1

100% better!


It’s definitely a novel idea, but in my case it does sound a helluva lot cooler than functionally useful. Don’t get me wrong, it does assist quite a lot in a way that handymen will appreciate, when you compare it to those laser guided positioning tools. I generally have a good eye for things and have a system around trimming, so it’s was awkward for me at first when adjusting my shaving habits and arm direction to accommodate the laser aim. Eventually I got the hang of it and was able to line up my goatee, and was exceptionally awesome at thinning it out between my nose and the goatee. It will still take a few more attempts to really decide whether the laser is truly more useful than my Styleshaver.

I’d consider this a win if you’re looking to blow everyone’s mind at the Christmas tree with something that says lasers on it. I just wonder how often he’ll pop the top and start laser guiding, because if he’s a bit of a pro, he’ll just use all the other features on it instead. Unless he’s like, OCD or something.

Perfect for:

  • The guy that seriously needs it all
  • The guy who takes his beard and facial hair very seriously
  • The perfectionist. You know what I mean by that.

More details on the Philips Laser Beard Trimmer.


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