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Why was that Cuban Cab driving around Toronto?

EL TAXI LOCO, as it was called.

Some of you may have noticed the crazy taxi casually taking the streets of Toronto last week. The cab, driven by a super-smiley man in a Cuban hat, picked up people around the city for a casual drive to whatever their destination may have been. It was a super cute initiative spearheaded by Transat Holidays, as an ode to the 40’s and 50’s style cars that crowd the rich streets of Havana and the rest of the beautiful country that is Cuba.

Transat Holidays took the liberty of filming all the fun as the happy driver brought people around the city, as they sang and danced in the back seat to Cuban tunes and entertainment.

I’m kicking myself in the rear for having such a busy day to have missed taking a drive, because these lucky travellers scored a week long vacation to Cuba. Supreme jealousy.

The cab is an awesome symbol of Cuba’s strong culture. Many of the cars on the road, including Pontiacs, Studebakers, Oldsmobiles, and Chevrolets, play host to the reminiscent American classics that have lived a long tenure prior to the Fidel Castro era in 1959. This extraordinary phenomenon is set to fade, as this year the Cuban government has lessened the restrictions of foreign imports, allowing all citizens to purchase and own new cars. While this is an incredible step forward, I personally hope the beauty of the Cuban car culture isn’t lost in the process.

While I’ve flown with Air Transat to Europe, and have hit the Caribbean coast on multiple occasions, I’ve yet to head to Cuba to experience the beauty (although I’ve enjoyed a few Cuban cigars before). From what I hear, it’s what you would expect it to be: great beaches, rich culture, and your next favourite vacation.

You can read more about Cuban vacations on the Transat Holidays website.

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