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Dark Souls II: The Manliest Game Ever Made in this Era


Dark Souls II is quite possibly one of the most brilliant games ever made, and it will certainly go down in history as something that captured the true essence of classic gaming with modern-day graphics.

Despite its wonderful game play, however, it would seem that not everyone appreciates the title for what it is and it’s pretty understandable why. Dark Souls II is like the Van Gogh of this era: misunderstood because people have adopted a different standard of what’s good and not.

Today’s games are made in such a way that even a toddler can understand it. Every step of the way, there’s a tutorial on how players should do things from learning how to walk to knowing how to throw a super punch. It’s like teaching players how to play a simple game of slot machines. No matter how interactive or cool slots get as entertainment site Pocket Fruity describes them, they’re just games that you play with a press of a button. Most of today’s games are integrated with invasive gaming manuals that they sometimes take away the fun of discovering things on your own. Just how many buttons are there in a console’s controller anyway?

Dark Souls II is pretty much hated by a lot of people in this generation because it deviates from the norm. Imagine playing Castlevania II but with better graphics, enhanced difficulty, and no tutorials whatsover. Your in-game character is simply given a helmet, sword, armor, and is thrown into a hellish world full of powerful creatures. The worst thing? You will pretty much die over and over in the game and start off at save points that are pretty much useless due to their distance from each checkpoint. Games in the 90s are as hardcore as Dark Souls II and that’s why the spoon-fed gaming generation pretty much hates it.

Less save points, limited items, no manuals at the start, and no in-app purchases that can help in your progress. If Dark Souls II was published in the 90s, it would’ve probably had outrageously-good reviews from anyone. Sadly, it has been published at a time when people expect games to help them with everything.

Question is: Do you need to be spoon-fed?

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