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Live Bold with Graffigna Wines

Prior to my July road trip to PEI, I was invited to join the “Live Bold” Influencer series hosted by Graffigna, an exquisite wine in the San Juan province of Argentina.

While I’d like to think “living bold” is something every man should have already adopted (with varying levels of bravado), that’s rarely the case as there’s just too many guys out there living painfully average. But that’s okay, we all have to start somewhere, right?


To celebrate living life to the fullest, Graffigna is featuring two new exceptional wines in Malbec (red) and Pinot Grigio (white), as an introductory e-toast to the Graffigna Guild and other men that live by this code. Cheers to Sharad at Freshly Educated Men, Brock McLaughlin and Chad from TCHAD Quarterly for being among them!

Because I felt it would be a dreaded shame to leave the bottles at home to dust while I was travelling the country, I brought them on the 1700 kilometre journey to PEI.

First stop was Quebec City, where Madaline and I enjoyed a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio in our suite at Hotel 71.



Our destination was the beautiful island of PEI, where we made a stop in Malpeque to try their world renowned oysters fresh from the sea. Unfortunately, their restaurant wasn’t BYOW, so I snuck a quick shot of the Malbec on the wharf. In hindsight, it would’ve been more fitting to take a shot of the white wine as a better match with the oysters. Side note: a riesling is virtually flawless in combination with Malpeque.


We were fortunate enough to conclude our trip back to Toronto with a deluxe suite reserved at the Trump Hotel, where we finished off the remaining bottles of Graffigna, overlooking the contrasting skyline of this incredible city.


Remember: Living bold begins when you begin to think past the pond. Cheers!

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