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Stylish Frames from Polette for Fall 2015

My trusted friends at Polette helped curate a beautiful trio of frames for this fall. In preparation for the long grind through winter, it may be worthwhile to look into shifting your focus to something a little more classic.

Give Your Eyes A Break With e-Polette

As Summer 2015 has reached the tail end of its life expectancy, it’s time to get back on the grind. September is genuinely regarded as a flashing green light on life’s long strip of road, and with that is the need to chain yourself to a computer for the growing number of work hours ahead. Hate to warn you, but your eyes are in for it, pal.

Polette recently introduced a new and inexpensive way to keep your eyes calm as your transition from summer sun to city workspace called e-Polette. The idea is rather simple, although I’m sure the technicalities aren’t: e-Polette helps minimize the artificial blue light produced from viewing computer screens, mobile phones and tablets. This helps reduce the chance of migraines and eyestrain that generally occur after long hours in front of the screen.

e-Polette uses a slightly tinted polarized lenses that produces a 40% filter against blue light, while reproducing natural light for a calming experience. It’s kind of like Instagramming everything blue, but less annoyingly. Frames start at $29.99 and range from classic to trendy. You need to see them for yourself.

View the e-Polette line ($39.99)

Keep a Cool Head in Metal Frames

There’s something about the combination between metal and the fall season. It’s crisp with a darker tinge, cool and unassuming. It also looks awesome in a power suit. I picked this frame out from Polette as a solid contender for sunglasses based on its classic finishing, yet carrying a hint of seriousness and definition. It’s also thin and sharp so it sits lightly on the face. Probably the best craftsmanship I’ve received thus far from Polette.

View the Copilote ($19.99)

Take Things Serious In Horn-Rimmed Frames

Remember that TV show Heroes? Yeah, that one they’re rebooting. I always admired the man with the horn-rimmed glasses. Both his look and composure reminded me of the confident yet vulnerable men of the 1950’s. And yes, some of those guys wore horn-rimmed glasses too. This pair from Polette sits light on the nose, but fits a bit more snug on the sides. I’d also suggest Give it a shot, you might like it too.

View the Manouchka B ($34.99 for the frame, $89.99 for single vision, super thin lenses)

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