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February 13, 2016

Luxury Cars, News

Don’t Get Too Close to This Flame-Covered Lamborghini Huracan, It’s Hot

This gorgeous wrap comes courtesy of German company Print Tech, which is based out of Munich. They’ve applied their considerable talents to a Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 by giving it a brilliant tri-color chrome design with black flames for accent. The end result is stunning. They also added Akrapovic’s titanium exhaust system to reduce the Lamborghini‘s weight by roughly 44 pounds and give it a 19.4 horsepower increase. It makes this already exclusive and powerful ride truly  ...

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Drones, News

If drone racing is the sport of the future, how will we watch it?

There has been a growing excitement around the prospect of a new sporting league where competitors race that very futuristic sounding vehicle, a drone. By drone they mean small remote controlled quadcopters, incredibly agile little aircraft that can move at speeds of over 100 miles and hour. Unlike most racing sports — cars, horses, dog sleds — there is no human onboard the drone. The pilots are all standing about with goggles on, steering based on a live video feed from a camera on the  ...

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