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The Acura NSX Supercar Could Get Even More Mental With Rear-Wheel Drive


I’ve already had a chance to drive the new Acura NSX. And while I can’t tell you exactly how it is just yet, I can tell you that Acura has big plans for its supercar of the future. Those plans very well may include a rear-wheel drive, Type R version—for those customers looking for something a bit more raucous.

The report stems from Autocar, and suggests the NSX could lose its advanced all-wheel-drive system in place of lightness. It would still be a hybrid, granted, but it would be a little over 300 pounds lighter than where it currently sits. And it’s not that farfetched of an idea either, as told by Dynamic Development Leader Nick Robinson.

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“There is a huge will within Honda to do [a Type R] — and the hope that the new NSX is just the start of a revival of the company’s sporting heritage. The NSX Type R would be the logical next step.”

With 573 horsepower being sent straight to the back wheels, it all sounds promising. Problem is, there likely is still a ways to go before we ever see this hardcore NSX on the market. Chances are we’ll sooner see a convertible version—which has been rumored to hit the market in the next few years.

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