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Summer Beer of Choice: Tyskie Pilsner Lager


With May 2-4 weekend ahead of us, it’s time to start packing the coolers and stocking the cottage fridge with beers of all variety. For some, the choice of beer comes down to cheap thrills while others prefer the R&R with a curated selection of both Ontario brews and imports. The lager is a staple – and as a suggestion for those looking to stock up on unique options, the Tyskie has my seal of approval.

As a light pilsner lager and one of the most popular beers out of Poland, the Tyskie combines crystal clear water from the Gronie Springs with the best hops and finest barley malt in Poland. The results are a collective merge between sweetness and bitterness.

Reason why I think it’s a solid choice for the cottage collection? It’s easy to drink and easy to impress. The Tyskie does maintain that subtle Polish signature flavour – similarities to Lech but with less complexities – yet keeps it simple for a refreshing, relaxing experience. It has the bitters, sure. But I can assist in saying that it’s minimal if you’re not into that. If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a good choice for you, as it does balance out well with a nicer chaser of ice cold water.

The Tyskie can be found in the LCBO and Beer Store for $2.50 per 500ml.

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