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June 1, 2016

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Huffington Post: Ford F150 Road Trip

Reggie and Madaline recently completed a road trip to Creemore and Wasaga Beach, Ontario in the new 2016 Ford F-150 Limited, sponsored by Autoroad. In terms of summer vacationing, this summer most Canadians can agree on one thing: travelling to the US may not be in the budget. The Canadian dollar is at an unfortunate low, and as most analysts are identifying Canadians as hesitant of heading south of the border, we look elsewhere to more economically friendly destinations. As such, short of  ...

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A Message to Raymond, Grammar Troll and Owner of Leaside Paint Centre

Some might call this an unnecessary vent that I probably should just brush aside. To be frank, I haven’t really had the opportunity to rant or vent about anything on my blog since 2009. And really, you can only be polite so much before you explode. So I’m letting myself do just that. I recently published an article on one of the many guest sites that I contribute to. Most of the time, the comment section is always a cesspool and/or breeding ground of low-lifes and extremists,  ...

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