Sixteen Years Ago, I Wrote About What Happened in 2020


I have a pretty odd but curious story to share, as we begin to close the book on one of the worst years in modern history. When I used to rap from 1998 to 2004, I used to save a copy of all my written lyrics in Notepad. After putting out an album with the Sworn Allies, followed by an album under the duo Infliktion, my next idea was to release my own solo album, titled “Philanthropy”...

My Life as a 90s Teenage Rapper in the Maritimes


As a quick disclaimer: I wrote this 3-part article titled “My Name Was Ruckus” back in 2010-ish, and never had a chance to republish it after my blog went self-destruct on me. I’ve made a few choice edits, mostly to improve on amateur writing, but also because I have a lot more foresight on what should or shouldn’t be published online. Nonetheless, I’ve packaged up...

Challenges of Being Non-White in Canada: Stories of Systemic Racism


“Why is my son being charged $10,000?“ She wanted answers. After receiving an inflated bill in the mail from the University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) for her son’s tuition, Roxy, an immigrant to Canada in the 1970s, had spent over four hours waiting to speak to somebody in the registrar’s office. She sat in an office with a supervisor, a gentle and polite woman...

So my Twitter account was hacked…


A public service announcement for those that are wondering why I seemingly stopped tweeting and abruptly unfollowed everyone. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t tweeted at all for the duration of this awful pandemic, or if you were confused why I unfollowed you and hundreds of others people I was following, my Twitter account was recently hacked. I haven’t been able to...

PS4 Sneak Preview: Playstation 4 arrives November 15th!


I considered starting this post with my juggernaut-like history with video games, but I feel like that’d force you to read I’ve got a pretty lengthy history with ye ol’ trusty Playstation. Lets take a minute and highlight the crafty beginnings with Sony’s fun box. I pretty much spent my entire 3rd year of Computer Science playing Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS2 in 2001...

Marketers: Should We “Interrupt”?

Marketers: Should We “Interrupt”?

New blog post. Woot! I just came to the realization after writing the latest Gotstyle newsletter tonight that my writing inhibitions get enhanced after a few sips of the cold brew. Which is great, because I generally write at work and I find it very hard to make my best creative material without a situational caffeine high. But seeing as I pretty much toss all reasoning and safe-guards while...

The Best Burgers in Toronto Ever

The Best Burgers in Toronto Ever

Burgers, burgers, burgers. What can I say: they’re a force to be had when you combine a delicious mixture of magical toppings and juicy beef in a savory warm bun. It’s no lie that Toronto is in the middle of a burger revolution. And as the king and connoisseur in Toronto for all things bunned, I feel it’s only right that I put my hard earned research into fruitation. First, lets...

The Ghosts of Halloween Past: Five Years of Costumes


You know, I never used to be into Halloween. Sure, when I was a kid, I practically believed I was Batman (which I dressed up as for 3 years in a row), but what kid didn’t? By my teens I didn’t really care to, like any rebellious kid. Since moving to Toronto, I never thought the spookiest day of the year would get me back in the hunt for sinister self-expression. Well, it did. And...

Blethics of BIME: Blog. Images. Mean. Everything.


I hate reading blog posts that use super cheesy, awfully generic, uninspiring, pain-inflecting, deliberately stock sourced images. I’m sure most of you have came across these travesties to blethics (blog ethics are the real deal). What some may think are just supporting aspects to a good post, I have to violently disagree. When I first started blogging, I loved sourcing Google Images for...

HOW TO: Describe What Twitter Is


During my daily email exchange with the gang, one of the emails I got from my cousin included this: Only if your life is interesting enough should you join twitter. Unless you have someone you want to follow, then, I guess, that’s okay. I replied with: That’s actually the most falsified definition of Twitter ever. That’s what Twitter was like in 2006. Then 2007-2011 happened. In...

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Howdy. I first started blogging on in 2009, with a dedicated focus on men's lifestyle and stories of inebriation. Shortly after, I was listed as a top Canadian blogger, and over the next decade, I've collaborated with hundreds of notable brands.

Then I grew up. As of late, I've graduated to writing about life experiences, well-researched opinions, and hopefully a few things you might find useful.

This is my memory vault.

reggie tan

About me-Power user of technology. Style guy. Avid gamer. Obsessed with the Cybertruck. Lyrical poet. I like my beats bottom heavy. Madaline is ∞. Only God can judge me. INTP. Birthed in the East Coast of Canada by a pair of cool Filipino parents. Cautiously ADHD. I prefer my whisky neat with a tumbler of room-temp water. Otherwise, a pint of your best draught will do.

I'm a member of the anti-social club. Happily retired from Facebook or Instagram. My verified Twitter account was recently hacked. I do use LinkedIn for business.

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