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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 event is happening in three weeks

Samsung has announced its latest "Unpacked" event where the company will announce, in its usual language, "The Next Galaxy." The event is set for Sunday February 21st at 7pm CET (1pm ET) in Barcelona, one day before Mobile World Congress takes over the city. The invitation includes an image of a shadowy cube with two edges glowing to form a "7," suggesting that we will indeed see the Galaxy S7 at this event, and the teaser trailer above sees someone staring at  ...

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Hands On: Everest VR is a Visceral, Beautiful Interactive Documentary

Frank He continues his VRLA Winter Expo adventures as he goes hands on with Everest VR, a HTC Vive powered experience from Sólfar Studios and RVX, that blends beautiful visuals with informative narration to present a compelling, interactive VR documentary. Guest Article by Frank He Now a second year UCLA undergraduate in a neuroscience program, Frank was born in Los Angeles and then raised in Canada, spending his high school years across the border in New York. His main interest is in  ...

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Startup’s self-driving test car crashes after driver takes control

A test vehicle for Cruise Automation, a California startup that wants to build an autonomous driving "kit" that can be installed on existing cars, was involved in a minor car accident in San Francisco earlier this month. It’s not entirely clear if it was caused by a malfunction of the self-driving system or driver error, but it seems likely that the accident isn’t one that would occur in a production-quality autonomous car. It happened just after an emergency takeover  ...

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