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Holiday Gift Guide: Philips Light Therapy – How Light Makes You Bright(er)

It’s funny how light can affect a person’s day so heavily. You know those people. Those people you do your best to avoid if it’s cold, overcast, crummy outside. You can feel the pain and sorrow around you when you’re in the subway from it. Yeah, light does a lot to you. So lets reverse the logic just a little. Philips introduced me to two neat new Light Therapy products that are meant to make someone’s day a little more booming. They make for pretty interesting  ...

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Nota Bene’s Gin & Tonic Bar: DIY for the Wiser

There’s something beautiful about customization. Many times we’re given prix fixe, chef-selected, or options based around appetizer-entree-dessert. I’d like to think that after you’ve become a master at dining and having drinks, you can start making selections for yourself. While I’m nowhere near a master at dining and mixology, I sometimes think I’m nearing the 10,000 hour mark. And therefore, we tend to think we can start getting outside of the box a  ...

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PS4 Sneak Preview: Playstation 4 arrives November 15th!

I considered starting this post with my juggernaut-like history with video games, but I feel like that’d force you to read I’ve got a pretty lengthy history with ye ol’ trusty Playstation. Lets take a minute and highlight the crafty beginnings with Sony’s fun box. I pretty much spent my entire 3rd year of Computer Science playing Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS2 in 2001. Actually, I’m in firm belief that failing out of university can be directly co-related to Metal  ...

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BlackBerry Z10 Review, Best Apps, and iPhone Comparison

It’s been a week since the BlackBerry 10 launch and I’m neck deep into my new Blackberry Z10: learning the in’s and out’s of this fantastic little Canadian device. I think it’s only fair, as a reviewer, that I do three things to simplify the learning process: (1) Post a video of myself and my good friend Sharad from Freshly Educated Men talking about BlackBerry 10 (2) Give you the Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity about the BlackBerry Z10 (3) Explain in  ...

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#BlackBerry10 Z10 Launch: The Day BlackBerry Made it’s Move

You know, I haven’t been the nicest to BlackBerry and their dwindling fanbase in recent years. It eventually turned into kicking a dead horse at one point or stealing candy from children, which had been a sad state for Canada’s prized tech company. In all honesty, I’m very far from being a brand whore; whether it be cell phones, clothing, or anything you can associate “lifestyle” to, I don’t like to invest my interests directly to a name or title.  ...

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The Best Burgers in Toronto Ever

Burgers, burgers, burgers. What can I say: they’re a force to be had when you combine a delicious mixture of magical toppings and juicy beef in a savory warm bun. It’s no lie that Toronto is in the middle of a burger revolution. And as the king and connoisseur in Toronto for all things squished between buns (sexual innuendo intended), I feel it’s only right that I put my hard earned research into fruitation. First, lets just preface by first acknowledging the playing  ...

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