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HOW TO: Describe What Twitter Is

During my daily email exchange with the gang, one of the emails I got from my cousin included this: Only if your life is interesting enough should you join twitter. Unless you have someone you want to follow, then, I guess, that’s okay. I replied with: That’s actually the most falsified definition of Twitter ever. That’s what Twitter was like in 2006. Then 2007-2011 happened. In an effort to make my real life (and thus, non-Twitter) friends understand what this  ...

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The Rake: The Ultimate Coffee Table Magazine for Men

As seen on the Gotstyle blog. One of the best things about stopovers at international airports is the opportunity to find a few great magazines, namely ones that aren’t available in Toronto. In Hong Kong, I picked up three must have magazines from around the globe. Probably one of the best magazines I’ve seen to date, The Rake is the “modern voice of classic elegance”. Stationed out of Mauritius, this magazine speaks volumes about how a men’s style magazine  ...

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Notably Cool: Best Apps & Web Tools for 2010

I like great products. Great products should be recognized and awarded for the hard work and dedication to build it. But there’s always the next level involved, which requires the most important element: strategy. A great app should know their end user. They should know each one of us is different: we all cater to different lifestyles, personal interests, opinions on aesthetics, functionality & usability. And unless each query is met, that’s what separates an app from being  ...

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Attention Deficit

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer

Just got a text from my cousin this morning. He knows I love cyberpunk. Everything from the futuristic styling, the cybernetic enhancements, the use of virtual reality, the dark and sinister atmosphere. Good god – this trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks amazing. Although I rarely have time to play video games, I definitely enjoy the story lines. They’re much more captivating for me than anything Hollywood puts out these days. They’re longer than 1.5 hours, which  ...

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