Ivy-Style: “The Miyuki-zoku: Japan’s First Ivy Rebels”

Beautiful (and semi-tragic) read on the Japanese style-gang, “Miyuki-zoku”. Favouring the polished Ivy-look of mens and womenswear in the 1950’s, this rebellious troop of young Japanese men took against the then-conservative clothing style of their home country, forcing the government to arrest hundreds and warn others of defying their strict style code. In their late teens, these men and women would change from their school uniforms to their slim cut three button suits  ...

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What to say, what to do..

Everyone knows I have a lot to say. I’m a live wire. I really don’t have a filter. So this is where I’m going to put everything now. That means whenever you’re sitting with me for dinner or something and I’m not saying anything, it’s because I’m expecting you to have already read this blog and I don’t really have to repeat myself. So if you’re one of those people who hate awkward silences, this gives you unlimited reasons to read my  ...

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