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Sixteen Years Ago, I Wrote About What Happened in 2020


I have a pretty odd but curious story to share, as we begin to close the book on one of the worst years in modern history. When I used to rap from 1998 to 2004, I used to save a copy of all my written lyrics in Notepad. After putting out an album with the Sworn Allies, followed by an album under the duo Infliktion, my next idea was to release my own solo album, titled “Philanthropy”...

My Life as a 90s Teenage Rapper in the Maritimes


As a quick disclaimer: I wrote this 3-part article titled “My Name Was Ruckus” back in 2010-ish, and never had a chance to republish it after my blog went self-destruct on me. I’ve made a few choice edits, mostly to improve on amateur writing, but also because I have a lot more foresight on what should or shouldn’t be published online. Nonetheless, I’ve packaged up...

Challenges of Being Non-White in Canada: Stories of Systemic Racism


“Why is my son being charged $10,000?“ She wanted answers. After receiving an inflated bill in the mail from the University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) for her son’s tuition, Roxy, an immigrant to Canada in the 1970s, had spent over four hours waiting to speak to somebody in the registrar’s office. She sat in an office with a supervisor, a gentle and polite woman...

5 Must-Read Books on Purpose, Productivity, and Power


The pandemic has freed up a fair bit of time for the lot of us. And while many have championed great achievements such as completing the entire Netflix catalog or learning to bake sourdough bread, part of me feels it would be a shame not to recommend some of my most recent reads. I’ve been on a binge lately – not on Netflix, but specifically on books that elevate our own personal...

So my Twitter account was hacked…


A public service announcement for those that are wondering why I seemingly stopped tweeting and abruptly unfollowed everyone. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t tweeted at all for the duration of this awful pandemic, or if you were confused why I unfollowed you and hundreds of others people I was following, my Twitter account was recently hacked. I haven’t been able to...

7 Must Have Wireless Products in White (2020)


So here’s the deal: I love technology designed in the colour of white. On the contrary, by no means am I an Apple fan boy; the only Apple product I’ve reduced myself to is the Macbook Pro that I’m typing on right now. This affinity for cool white accessories has less to do with aggressive devotion to Apple products, and more to do with minimalism, elegance, and modern design. A fantastic contrast...

4 ways to spruce up your home for the winter season


With the holiday season in full tilt and your closest friends and family soon arriving at your doorstep, lightening up the home is no easy venture when daytime becomes night so quickly. There’s nothing more seasonally demoralizing than arriving to a dark, dungeon-like cave environment – in what is supposed to be a celebratory time. Here are a few ways to make a difference to quickly take...

5 Best Real Estate Websites for Renting a Condo in Toronto


It’s safe to say that after renting for the past 10+ years that I’ve picked up a thing or two about renting. Yes, renting is certainly a spectacular way to throw your money away, but until yourself ready to make the plunge into the world of buying your first home, finding a good roof over your head is your next best alternative. Fortunately, Toronto offers an exceptional number...

10 Astounding Facts about Jagermeister


As part of the exploration into fine liquers, most Canadians have had some experience with the German juggernaut Jagermeister. It’s clear that there’s more to be curious about when it comes to this classic green bottle – especially when its icon name and bottle can be seen anywhere from chef menus to TV backdrops. Speaking of the bottle, 2017 brings forth a new redesign...

It’s #NationalScrewdriverDay with Wybo’s Black Orange Cocktail


December 13th is known for many things – notably, it’s the day a young man named Jamie Foxx was born, Al Gore (somehow) conceded defeat to the brilliant intellect that is George W. Bush, and it is a day to commemorate the classic cocktail, the Screwdriver. In preparation of this monumental day for cocktail mixers and bartenders alike, we’ve teamed up with Wyborowa Wodka to...

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Howdy. I first started blogging on in 2009, with a dedicated focus on men's lifestyle and stories of inebriation. Shortly after, I was listed as a top Canadian blogger, and over the next decade, I've collaborated with hundreds of notable brands.

Then I grew up. As of late, I've graduated to writing about life experiences, well-researched opinions, and hopefully a few things you might find useful.

This is my memory vault.

reggie tan

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I'm a member of the anti-social club. Happily retired from Facebook or Instagram. My verified Twitter account was recently hacked. I do use LinkedIn for business.

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