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5 Favourite Things About the 2014 Volkswagen CC + Fun Test Drive Destinations


This is my first Vee Dub I’ve driven, I think. Well, except for the Jetta’s in the Autoshare fleet, but they typically smell like worn gym sneakers. I’ve always admired Volkswagen’s advertising though, but I think the allure has more to do with their premier German engineering that really sets the bar high for nearly every other auto manufacturer on the block.

With all that magic and expectation that Volkswagen has put me on, I’m happy to say that the 2014 Volkswagen CC is the mega sized sugary treat in the big automotive candy store.

After inviting me down to the 2014 Canadian Auto Show for a sneak peak at this year’s lineup, as well as a early preview of that much coveted 2014 VW Golf GTI (which I hope to take on the open road one day, hint hint), the folks at Red Urban and Volkswagen put me behind the wheels of their primary luxury vehicle on the fleet.

Driving the CC is kind of like wearing that perfectly fitted suit. The construction is crisp, you can feel the comfort like you’re within your own skin, and you walk as cool as you drive. I don’t know, maybe I’m just glamourized by the idea of power and confidence that a suit can bring you, but I can honestly admit that I could feel that same aura inside of the car.

5 Brilliant Things I Coveted About the VW CC

Volkswagen Passat CC dashboard

Volkswagen Passat CC dashboard

 1. The interior has that WOW factor. The dashboard was trimmed in Desert Beige, perforated and calming, and I can honestly report that every friend who sat in the car pretty much said the same thing: “Wow, I love the dashboard“. Aside from its luxury finishings, it’s funny how something as simple as a phone holder slot can get me so happy.


2. It’s wireless-friendly to the point of effortless. I live a very wireless-friendly existence. I use AirPlay throughout my house to sync videos, music, files and data between my tablets, phones, and network drives to my Apple TV and my AirPlay speakers (which I’ll one day replace with a fully integrated Sonos system). Operation on the CC is just as simple with a wireless unlock feature – no need to fumble with the keys, just grab for the door handle. Midway through the week, I realized I had been driving without inserting a key into the car. That. Is. Wild.


3. It just does everything without trying hard. I don’t like wearing brand names on my shirts. I’m the type to prefer the feeling of comfort and quality without making sure everyone knows it. The CC reminds me of a car that focuses more on how to make me feel luxurious, without the need for reminding me that it’s luxurious. Get me satisfied first, then you can wine and dine me.

vw passat xenon headlights

4. The Xenon headlights look badass – in the night AND day. Xenon headlights are nearly a dime a dozen it seems, but I fully enjoy Xenon headlights that operate in the daytime for some reason. It has that important hint of edginess and ingenuity. It also knows when evening arrives, because it just turns it brighter for me. It’s those simple little things that complete the picture.

Photo 2014-04-24, 6 43 29 PM

5. The 200 horsepower turbocharged engine feels exactly it. I’m not car specifics kind of guy, but this thing can really kick it when you step on the pedal. Keep in mind, it won’t beat a Golf GTI, but it does remind you that you bought a vehicle that isn’t going to roll over and play stupid.

There are definitely a few things about my test drive vehicle that I would’ve liked to see – such as a GPS map in the touchscreen system, the lack of lenience in the fuel mileage category, and only one camera viewpoint (did I really typing that?). It’s all just small pickings really, because the CC is a pretty spectacular car in every other category.

The VW CC Test Drive Recap

A week in the CC was pretty optimal, especially for a guy like me that needs to get around the city.

buddha-pie-toronto-pizzaI almost always make a stop over to my favourite mom & pop pizza shop that’s too far to TTC to – Buddha Pie in the Junction. This time I opted for the Bada Bing Spicy Italian Sausage and the Bacon Nirvana, slated on top of a thin crust that has me salivating for more every time I complete a set.

Nothing sets you up for daytime meetings and after work events across the city than arriving without stress and in total luxury. At the Spoke Club, we met with our new mobile app developers to brainstorm the next phase of our mobile project (which I must say, I’m glad to replace since I made the first version of our Gotstyle app when I was still wearing plaid). I also scooted over to an event at the Edward Day Gallery in Queen West, which, for the purposes of this post, will remain unannounced.

The weekend included a very random and spontaneous journey north to the Aloft boutique hotel in Vaughan, which included mowing down zombies and shooting mini-hoops at Dave & Buster’s and catching Transcendence in IMAX (which I must say, I could’ve downgraded to download only). On that note, why do people take their kids to see torturously complex movies anyway? For a 10 year old it must be like watching the Architect scene in the Matrix Reloaded on repeat for two straight hours. Parents suck sometimes.

I love pho, so I took a stop at a recommended Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Dau Bo, which had a remarkably high number of 4-5 star rankings on Yelp, and repeatedly touted as a must for pho in Toronto (worth the trip, but Phoenix Restaurant near College & Dufferin has similar offerings and it’s way closer). I’m all for reaching sketchy neighbourhoods for good foods, but I can honestly say I clicked the “Lock” button a few times in the car just in case.

The Passat, while it looks damn fitting for the full-time urbanite, performed exceptionally well on the long roads with. A sunny Sunday meant an unplanned drive out to Caledon: where the roads were clear, the hills were hilly, and put a nugget of knowledge in your head that life can be far more peaceful just 60 minutes away. What made the drive very much worthwhile was a walk through the Glen Haffy Conservation Park. The sound of a cool breeze was beautifully deafening.

Thanks Volkswagen & Red Urban! Looking forward to race test out the Golf GTI. 🙂








2014 Volkswagen Passat CC


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