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March 9, 2016

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Facebook will soon let you Like and share 360-degree videos in the Gear VR

If you’ve got a Samsung Gear VR, you can soon connect your Facebook account to "Like" and share 360-degree videos from inside it. There are already Facebook 360-degree clips in the Gear VR’s video app, but next week, Oculus Video will start letting users sign into Facebook and get a personalized feed based on pages and people they follow. In the "coming weeks," they’ll also be able to add reactions to the videos or share them while inside VR. Aside from  ...

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The Division breaks multiple Ubisoft sales records in its first 24 hours

A big day for The Division The debut of Tom Clancy’s The Division yesterday was a record-breaking launch for publisher Ubisoft, with the game selling impressively across retail stores and digital marketplaces, the company announced today. Ubisoft did not provide any sales numbers except to refer in a press release to "millions of players’ enduring engagement in The Division‘s game world," which suggests that the publisher sold more than 1 million copies of the  ...

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The Brookhaven Experiment is your endless, inevitable virtual reality death

The Verge’s New York offices now have an official virtual reality room. The library for its HTC Vive Pre holds a bunch of experiments and demos for full games we won’t see for weeks or even months. But there’s too much cool stuff to ignore. So for the next few weeks, we’re putting our writers, editors, artists, and videographers through some of the best that VR has to offer. Here’s what we think. One of the very first games I played in virtual reality was  ...

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The Acura NSX Supercar Could Get Even More Mental With Rear-Wheel Drive

I’ve already had a chance to drive the new Acura NSX. And while I can’t tell you exactly how it is just yet, I can tell you that Acura has big plans for its supercar of the future. Those plans very well may include a rear-wheel drive, Type R version—for those customers looking for something a bit more raucous. The report stems from Autocar, and suggests the NSX could lose its advanced all-wheel-drive system in place of lightness. It would still be a hybrid, granted, but it would be a little  ...

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Buy This Luftwaffe Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Go Wherever You Darn Please

The story of the Unimog is an interesting one. It was developed by the Germans after WWII as a vehicle that could go anywhere and do anything. It served as a utility vehicle, worked well for agricultural applications, and has since been used around the world by military and police forces. Now you can own one through an upcoming auction. This is a 1983 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406.101, and it’s one of only 353 produced. It was designed for use by the German Luftwaffe at airports, and this one  ...

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The making of PlayStation VR

Across multiple departments and offices around the world, including help from external partners, Sony’s PlayStation VR team spans one of the widest swaths in the game industry. Someone who works on the 3D audio may never meet someone on the display team, or someone in legal, marketing, business development, hardware design or any of the other groups contributing to the headset. PlayStation executive vice president Masayasu Ito estimates that of PlayStation’s more than 7,000 employees  ...

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Watch the moment a self-driving Google car sideswipes a bus

AP has obtained surveillance video from inside the Mountain View public transit bus at the time it was struck by one of Google’s autonomous Lexus RX SUVs, the first time one of the company’s self-driving cars has been directly responsible for a crash on public roads. In the video, you can make out the outline of the white SUV glancing off the right side of the bus, followed by the (naturally) surprised reaction of the bus driver, who stops and gets out to check on the damage. In  ...

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Audi’s Head Designers Discuss the Quattro Range, the Audi Moon Rover & More

Visit the original post to see all 1 images from this gallery. Germany is often romanticized as a stronghold of tasteful design, and the legacies of names like Dieter Rams And Max Braun of Braun, Walter Gropius of Bauhaus, Adolf Dassler of adidas and August Horch of Audi serve to uphold the country’s international rapport. For the Bavarian automaker with the four rings, the “Quattro” philosophy speaks to Audi’s “Vorsprung Durch Technik” approach, which entails leading the industry through  ...

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Amazon Japan now shipping video games internationally

Importers have a new retailer to turn to If you’re in the market for a Japan-only video game — or some Japanese video game hardware — you have a new option: Amazon Japan. The Japanese arm of the online retailer is now shipping select games and systems to international buyers, with competitive pricing and shipping. Amazon Japan has shipped other products internationally in the past, but buying video games from the online store hasn’t been an option until recently. Fortunately,  ...

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