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Before I get you too excited – no, humanity hasn’t discovered the technology for science fiction’s greatest invention. No dematerialization, no flashing blue lights shot from the skies, no Jumper. In our current state of advanced technology, we’re just skimming the surface of virtual reality’s practical application, 3D TV’s still require a goofy headset, and we can get hoverboards in the air for 10 minutes tops. While teleportation is in my top three superpowers (actually I’d settle for anything that starts with “tele”), I’m sorry to nerdaciously crush your sci-fi dreams.

However, we do have the next best thing. You remember Uber, right? Technology company that essentially broke the taxi industry? They’ve since partnered up with new iPhone app Teleport to allow you to send your friends directly to you. Dematerialization does sound like it would hurt – so maybe the most feasible adaptation of teleporting is a comfortable ride in an Uber car.

Teleport allows you to bring friends, family, and clients to you with just the tap of an icon. Being one of a handful of developers that received the green light to utilize Uber’s API, Teleport allows app users to generate a shareable link that can be sent to anyone via a messaging platform. Forgot to pick up your mom? Send the link on Facebook Messenger. Looking to wow a client prior to a meeting? Email it to them. Setting up a first date? Text it their way. The app, which doesn’t cost a dime to use, launched on Product Hunt at #1, and I’ve been watching it like a hawk to see when it would make its Canadian introduction. As luck may have it, it’s available now – which had me psyched to try it out and see if it’s as sci-fi as I’m hoping it would be.

I parked myself on a bar stool at Patois, a trendy little bar in Dundas West known for its incredible Jamaican-Chinese cuisine. Probably your best bet for award-winning eats and cool vibes. The goal is to teleport my partner Madaline to the bar stool next to me – before someone tries to put their coat on it or use it as a foot rest.


As the sender, I had downloaded the Teleport app to my iPhone (unfortunately Android is a no-go for now). The recipient doesn’t actually need to have the Teleport app, which makes things a lot easier for user experience. Initiating the app, I set my current location as the destination despite spending a few seconds browsing the other bars and restaurants in the area. Afterwards, out popped a link which I then text it to Madaline.


On her end, tapping the link opens a web browser that asks her to drop a pin where she would like to be picked up. Her location isn’t divulged to me, which has more to do with privacy, and the only information I receive is the potential cost for the ride and how long the drive will take.

Her ride arrives – a , which she routinely hops into. She recently wrote about UberX drivers and their road knowledge – hopefully this won’t be the issue.

Here’s what I see as she’s en route to me – which I’ve dubbed, “realistic teleportation”. Although it was a manual process, I’ve booked cars remotely before when my parents needed a lift to the airport. It’s just a weird conversation for the rider and the driver when I’m not present. Fortunately, I hear it went pretty smoothly.


Cheers! She’s here, safe and sound, and my app gives me a big-time thumbs up. Didn’t cost me anything beyond the average UberX pricing, as the app itself appears to be free to use. While the experience may be a tad bit slower than Star Trek’s transporter, and maybe less grandiose than Thor when traveling between the nine realms, it does make for a better solution when face-to-face is needed.

In recent news, Teleport’s CEO Bob Wu did mention that they plan to launch a fully-functional keyboard that will include a button to auto-generate a Teleport link while you’re chatting with someone. It appears that they’re aligned with making the experience as natural as possible as they bring more people together and help further relationships. It’s a neat concept that is most certainly a stepping stone for greater things.

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