You’re Invited: Tesla’s Electric Road Trip Tour


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Today, Tesla will be hosting a public Open House event at the Sherwood Inn as part of the Electric Road Trip tour.

Together, Tesla owners have driven over two billion miles without a drop of gas. To accelerate the journey to the next billion, Tesla is embarking on a three-month Electric Road Trip around the world to meet with new communities of enthusiasts.

Tesla invites customers, owners and fans to join us as we stop through dozens of cities worldwide to offer test drives that showcase the uncompromised capabilities of Model S and Model X. One of our first stops is hosted at the Sherwood Inn, a Tesla Destination Charging partner location, where guests will have the opportunity to share their favorite road trip experiences with fellow Tesla owners and like-minded fans.

The tour includes stops at many of our Destination Charging partner locations in North America. At each tour stop, Tesla will be offering extended test drive experiences for guests in the Tesla vehicle that best fits their everyday life. Customers can take time enjoying the car and exploring its groundbreaking performance and convenience features as they imagine life with a fully electric vehicle.

For those in Toronto, head there for 4pm for the open house. If you’re in Montreal, book off Friday, August 5th on your calendar.

Check out The Electric Road Trip landing page to view all of our tour stops, sign up for a test drive or open house event, and follow us on the road to three billion miles!

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