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Forty Creek Whisky Cocktail Recipes for the Fall Gentleman


I love the fall.

Well, first and for most: my birthday is the first thing to happen in fall, which is kind of cool in it’s own regard. Not that I care too much about it anymore, but in yesteryear, I would tenaciously look forward to another nullified evening of self-indulgement with my friends. Not nearly as exciting these days, mainly because it just isn’t as exciting as you get older.

Another reason is that I can stop sweating in t-shirts and shorts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hot weather and would murder for a full year of it, but when it comes to style – summer is rather limiting. Fall is the first sign of creative layering, trench coats, muted colours, and the only season where the stylish gentleman can truly strive.

It’s also the season where I finally get to return to my favourite drink. While the summer palette of lagers and light cocktails tend to overshadow the dark beers and whiskies, fall is the commanding return of men’s cocktails. It can be argued that some men will drink a Manhattan 365 days of the year, but those same men are probably the type to wear the same suit from a wedding to a funeral or copy their lifestyle off Mad Men way too much. Adaptability is key, and while I do enjoy the occasional whisky mix in the summer, it doesn’t feel as nurturing as having it in the autumn.


As we reach the midpoint of fall, Forty Creek has three legitimate options to bring your cocktails to life with a Kanye complexity mixed with James Brown smoothness. Since 1999, Canada’s most approachable premium whisky blends rye, barley, and corn inside aged American bourbon and Canadian oak barrels. Built off its proud history and diligent manufacturing process, Forty Creek is one of the fastest growing premiums in North America, lead by winemaker turned whisky maker John Hall and his master blender Bill Ashburn.

Forty Creek offers three special choices for mixing your cocktails: the popular go-to Forty Creek Barrel Select, the adventurous Forty Creek Spike Honey Spiced Whisky, and my favourite, the Forty Creek Copper Pot Whisky. Below we’ve diced up some useful recipes to maximize your experience with each of them. Ingredients are simple – as they should be – and easy enough to put together before kicking back in front of the fireplace or schmoozing your guests.

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