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Innis & Gunn VR: Explore Scotland with Immersive & Gunn!


Did you know: combining beer with VR makes for one of the world’s greatest experiences?

Stop right there. We aren’t talking intoxicated bro-hawks raging in VR headsets – “BRO WTF THIS IS SO TRIPPY!“. Lets take the more sophisticated route and explore this like a gentleman.

Innis & Gunn isn’t just “a beer”. Those who appreciate a good scotch know that Innis & Gunn is the closest you’ll get to refined beer drinking. It has all the flavourful notes that make the whiskyman proud: natural oaks, rich toffee, toasted malt – but in a lower alcohol percentage, and quite possibly the best beer taste ever.


Innis & Gunn originates in Scotland – known for its stunning landscapes and delicious scotch. In an effort to showcase its captivating countryside, the team introduced a first-of-its-kind exclusive VR experience, combining culture, beer, and virtual reality. With any ol’ cardboard headset (or the Google Daydream which has just released this week), you can load the videos up on YouTube and see the amazing scenery of Scotland in 3D VR video.

One of the most compelling things about the experience is the escape from your concrete box in the sky. I love putting the headset on and seemingly teleporting across the world. While the possibilities of VR are only now beginning to blossom, it still allows us to see the world from another’s eyes in a completely virtual way.


Immersive & Gunn 3D VR videos appear on YouTube for anyone to experience – even more so with a VR headset. If you’re looking to enhance a solo evening of sophisticate drinking, now’s your chance to explore Scotland over one of the tastiest beers known to man.

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