10 Astounding Facts about Jagermeister

As part of the exploration into fine liquers, most Canadians have had some experience with the German juggernaut Jagermeister. It’s clear that there’s more to be curious about when it comes to this classic green bottle – especially when its icon name and bottle can be seen anywhere from chef menus to TV backdrops. Speaking of the bottle, 2017 brings forth a new redesign, including changes to its shape (taller with a squared off shoulder) and a bold logo type to provide depth to its dominant stature. With these new bottles already hitting shelves, it’s an opportune time to explore 10 unique facts that catapulted Jagermeister into stardom.


1. 56 unique natural ingredients including herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits including star anise, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger roots.



2. The recipe has been safely guarded secret, and unchanged for over 80 years.



3. It’s the #1 selling imported liqueur in the United States.



4. There is a bar in Montreal that features a Jägerpoutine on their menu. (In case you’re wondering, you can find this delicious boat at Bar Brutus)



5. The liqueur is stored in oak barrels for 365 days and go through 383 quality checks.



6. Dispelling an urban myth: Jagermeister doesn’t actually contain deer or elk blood. 



7. Jagermeister also cooks well: it’s been used in wing sauces, burgers, coleslaw. Get the recipe here!



8. It’s a set staple on ‘How I Met Your Mother” in Ted’s apartment – it’s sitting right beside the front door!



9. Jägermeister Street: Since 1967, there has been a street named Jägermeister in Wolfenbuttel in honour of Curt Mast, founder.



10. In 2006, the management board of Jägermeister did a trip to Philadelphia. On the occasion of this visit, the mayor of Philadelphia officially declared November 14, 2006 to be the first Jägermeister Day.

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