Remember that Brendan Fraser flick, Encino Man? I love the caveman shock with every confrontation in the modern day. And that’s exactly how the average person reacts when technology reaches another futuristic milestone. Mobile and tablet devices. App technology. Wearable tech. We live in exciting times. But which companies puts branding at the same importance as product development? The days of press releases written in robot speak and incomprehensible model numbers is over. It’s time to combine both form and function.

7 Must Have Wireless Products in White (2020)


So here’s the deal: I love technology designed in the colour of white. On the contrary, by no means am I an Apple fan boy; the only Apple product I’ve reduced myself to is the Macbook Pro that I’m typing on right now. This affinity for cool white accessories has less to do with aggressive devotion to Apple products, and more to do with minimalism, elegance, and modern design. A fantastic contrast...

5 Best Real Estate Websites for Renting a Condo in Toronto


It’s safe to say that after renting for the past 10+ years that I’ve picked up a thing or two about renting. Yes, renting is certainly a spectacular way to throw your money away, but until yourself ready to make the plunge into the world of buying your first home, finding a good roof over your head is your next best alternative. Fortunately, Toronto offers an exceptional number...

Samsung’s next smartphone display was designed for VR

Samsung’s next smartphone display was designed for VR

It’s becoming more and more clear that virtual reality is going to the be the driver to push the spec race in smartphones to the next level. This week, Samsung demonstrated a new smartphone display designed specifically for VR and likely headed to a future Samsung smartphone. According to a report from UploadVR, the 5.5-inch panel packs 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, making it a 4K class...

This App Lets You Teleport Your Friends To You

This App Lets You Teleport Your Friends To You

Before I get you too excited – no, humanity hasn’t discovered the technology for science fiction’s greatest invention. No dematerialization, no flashing blue lights shot from the skies, no Jumper. In our current state of advanced technology, we’re just skimming the surface of virtual reality’s practical application, 3D TV’s still require a goofy headset, and we...

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Teach You to Play the Guitar


Real-Life Guitar Hero When different disciplines such as music and technology come together, they can spark remarkably interesting ideas. Thus, it’s no surprise to see that—for those of you who are aspiring musicians, avid guitar players, or anything in-between—there’s a new program out there that promises to help you master the guitar. Allen Van Wert, who is known as one of the fastest guitar...

New drone video shows Apple’s massive new spaceship campus is coming together


Apple’s new headquarters is no simple office building. Yes, it looks like a UFO. And, yes, it is estimated to cost close to $5 billion dollars. But it is shaping up impressively ahead of its planned late 2016 or early 2017 completion date. Just a few months ago, the buildings appeared to be in little more than their primordial stage. Now, the latest aerial drone video of the Cupertino, CA...

Explore Batman v Superman’s incredibly detailed Batcave in Google Street View


Movie sets are often an illusion — unlike real places, they’re only convincing from certain camera angles. The same can’t be said for the set of Bruce Wayne’s home and secret Batcave in Batman v Superman. Google Street View has partnered with Warner Bros to show off the truly impressive complex, which is full of weaponry, lab equipment, computers, and little details about...

Google makes its $149 Nik Collection of photography tools completely free


Google has dropped the price of the Nik Collection, a suite of seven desktop plug-ins aimed at advanced photographers, from $149 to nothing. The Nik Collection first came under Google’s stewardship when the company bought German developer Nik for its mobile editing app Snapseed; Google later dropped the price from $499.95 to $149. The Nik Collection has since grown from six to seven plug...

Apple’s smaller iPad Pro will reportedly start at $599


Apple is just days away from unveiling a new iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and today 9to5Mac is reporting that you can expect to pay at least $599 for the latter. The smaller iPad Pro will start at a higher price than any 9.7-inch that’s come before it, but at least for that money you’ll be getting a bump in storage. The base iPad Pro will contain 32GB of storage, and 9to5Mac claims...

Here’s why Google’s Tilt Brush may be virtual reality’s killer app


This is pure magic Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to Polygon on YouTube Tilt Brush is amazing. It’s magical. It’s a bunch of stuff that sounds like hyperbole when you write about it. We created the above video to describe why it’s so special before more people are able to try it when the HTC Vive launches in April of this year. For the video we used a combination of my own...

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