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There’s nothing wrong with playing a Pokemon game at the age of 35. Hah, just kidding. There’s a lot of things wrong with that. Video games have stress decompression components similar to watching an episode of The Walking Dead or sipping a Macallan 25 neat in front of a fireplace. The only real problem with gaming while in a professional career is that there’s a much larger time investment required. If you do manage to break free from the shackles of life and are ready to burn a few hours on a video game, you had better spend it wisely. And no, we’ll never suggest anything embarrassing to play.Lets explore what we call, “sophisticated gaming” for the modern man.

The making of PlayStation VR


Across multiple departments and offices around the world, including help from external partners, Sony’s PlayStation VR team spans one of the widest swaths in the game industry. Someone who works on the 3D audio may never meet someone on the display team, or someone in legal, marketing, business development, hardware design or any of the other groups contributing to the headset. PlayStation...

Amazon Japan now shipping video games internationally


Importers have a new retailer to turn to If you’re in the market for a Japan-only video game — or some Japanese video game hardware — you have a new option: Amazon Japan. The Japanese arm of the online retailer is now shipping select games and systems to international buyers, with competitive pricing and shipping. Amazon Japan has shipped other products internationally in the past, but...

PlayStation Store Launch Party promo celebrates spring fever with pre-order deals


Discounts and release dates on Alienation, Salt & Sanctuary and more PS4 games Sony’s annual Spring Fever PlayStation Store promotion is being renamed for 2016. This year, it will be known as Launch Party, and will see promotional discounts on six games coming to the PlayStation Store during March and April. The six games being highlighted during the PlayStation Store Launch Party...

Sega giving away Streets of Rage 2, Binary Domain on Steam


Grab ’em while you still can Sega has made three of its games available for free today as part of its ongoing Make War Not Love event. Steam copies of Streets of Rage 2, Binary Domain and Condemned are now up for grabs for a limited amount of time. In order to acquire the three games, you’ll have to enter your email address on the Make War Not Love website. Sega will send along Steam...

10 minutes inside Layers of Fear on PS4


Creepy horror game is full of surprises Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to Polygon on YouTube Playing Layers of Fear at a preview event was a first for me. It was the first time I’ve outright said to any developers: "I am never going to play your game again." They took it as a compliment. Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game that is coming to PlayStation 4 on Feb. 16, with a...

’80s adventure Knights and Bikes heading to PS4


Familiar territory for the Tearaway, Ratchet and Clank devs Indie studio Foam Sword will launch its debut project Knights and Bikes on PlayStation 4, the company revealed on the PlayStation Blog. The console release will coincide with the ’80s-influenced adventure game’s launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, provided it meets its funding goal on Kickstarter. The duo behind Foam Sword...

Sonic the Hedgehog coming to theaters 2018 — in live action and CGI


Gotta go fast to the box office Sega Sammy Holdings — the parent company of Sonic the Hedgehog creator Sega — is working with Sony Pictures to bring the blue blur to the big screen. In an interview with The World Folio, company president and CEO Hajime Satomi confirmed that a combined live action and computer-generated film is in the works. "Sega Sammy Group is currently planning with Sony...

First details on SeaFall, the next game from co-designer of Pandemic: Legacy


A preview of Rob Daviau’s biggest, most ambitious board game yet Three years ago tabletop game designer Rob Daviau left his job at Hasbro, one of the world’s largest board game publishers, and struck out on his own. Since then he’s worked on several successful titles, but none have received more critical acclaim than the games in his Legacy series. His most recent title...

Hitman explains its ‘season’ structure, offers exclusive missions to PS4


Beta gets going for PlayStation 4 on Feb. 12, a week later on Windows PC Hitman will favor the PlayStation 4 with exclusive content when it launches, Io-Interactive said today in an update on plans for the game. In addition to getting a week with the beta before Windows PC, starting Feb. 12 (next Friday) PS4 owners will also get six bonus missions all to themselves, under the heading "The...

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