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There’s nothing wrong with playing a Pokemon game at the age of 35. Hah, just kidding. There’s a lot of things wrong with that. Video games have stress decompression components similar to watching an episode of The Walking Dead or sipping a Macallan 25 neat in front of a fireplace. The only real problem with gaming while in a professional career is that there’s a much larger time investment required. If you do manage to break free from the shackles of life and are ready to burn a few hours on a video game, you had better spend it wisely. And no, we’ll never suggest anything embarrassing to play.Lets explore what we call, “sophisticated gaming” for the modern man.

Your First 30 Minutes in No Man’s Sky (PS4)


As an avid sci-fi nerd and space enthusiast, it’s easy to see a game like No Man’s Sky and get tremendously excited. There aren’t too many games out there that allow free exploration of the cosmos – well, not recently, since I feel as though the 80’s and 90’s had many DOS games that filled the void rather well. No Man’s Sky is one of those game-changer...

Vans x Nintendo Gamer Sneakers

Vans x Nintendo Gamer Sneakers

Too cool to pass up, Vans had released a Nintendo branded sneaker that talks directly to people that grew up to retro video games. The Vans and Nintendo collaboration features an extensive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories celebrating the early days of video games. Loaded with unique graphic prints that include throwback characters from Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and...

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PS4 Single Player Story Review

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PS4 Single Player Story Review

I had the pleasure of playing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for a few weeks now, and damn – it’s one exceptional experience. As a casual player of the previous three installments of the Uncharted series, A Thief’s End ups the ante with new features that elevate the power of PS4. As my last review on the Uncharted trilogy stated: the previous upgrades look good on paper, but...

Fallout 4’s second add-on changes up settlement life next week


Prepare to enter the Wasteland Workshop The next expansion for Fallout 4, "Wasteland Workshop," launches on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One April 12. Bethesda Game Studios debuted the add-on’s first trailer, viewable above, alongside the release date announcement. As previously detailed, "Wasteland Workshop" will cost $4.99; it’s also part of the larger...

Perception is a sound-based game of hide-and-seek


The stakes are a little higher than your average schoolyard game In Perception, sound is both your lifeline and your downfall. Perception is a Kickstarter-funded, first-person horror game from The Deep End Games, a studio made up of developers who worked on BioShock and Dead Space. The game follows a blind woman named Cassie as she explores a house with a confusing relationship to time and space;...

Mysterious and beautiful indie game Below is coming out this summer


Below, a stunning-looking indie title from Toronto-based studio Capybara Games, is set to release on Xbox One and PC this summer. Capybara has said in the past the game would make its way out some time in 2016, but today announced the more narrowed release window at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Not much is known about Below save what it looks like on the surface. Capybara has...

PlayStation VR Launches October 2016 At $549.99 CAD


More than 230 Developers and Publishers on Board And Over 160 Diverse Titles in Development for PS VR Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that PlayStation®VR (PS VR), a virtual reality system that takes the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system to the next level of immersion, will launch from October 2016 in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia, at manufacturer’s suggested...

Virtual reality’s future is being charted this week in San Francisco


The Game Developers Conference doesn’t have the marketing of flashy video game conferences like E3, Gamescom, or Tokyo Game Show, but it’s no less important. For 27 years, the event has been a place for people and the games industry and the press to meet, mingle, and learn from one another. As it’s grown, GDC has also become a popular place for large game creators to show the cutting edge and...

The new Hitman game turns assassination into art


About a quarter of a million people are injured in US bathrooms every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but as I’m drowning a man in an ornate Parisian toilet I’m thinking I might have a tough time playing this off as an accident. Even trickier to explain will be how the fully grown man managed not only to trip and fall face-first into the bowl, but —”...

The Division breaks multiple Ubisoft sales records in its first 24 hours


A big day for The Division The debut of Tom Clancy’s The Division yesterday was a record-breaking launch for publisher Ubisoft, with the game selling impressively across retail stores and digital marketplaces, the company announced today. Ubisoft did not provide any sales numbers except to refer in a press release to "millions of players’ enduring engagement in The...

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