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Limited Edition: Odo Yakuza Tokyo

I’m sure you don’t need me to explain what the Yakuza is.

A few years ago, they allowed a photo journalist, Anton Kusters, to spend some time within the criminal underworld, photographing his journey inside one of the many syndicates of the Yakuza. Capturing breath-taking, never-before-seen shots of places, people, and emotions, Kusters compiled a photo journal in a limited, 500 numbered copies to tell his story, live from the Tokyo underground.

Read the Q&A with Anton Kusters on Burn Magazine here.

I missed out on the initial first run of limited edition Odo Yakuza Tokyo (I opted to pick up Sylvia Ji’s Purple Crush at the time). Luckily, his unexpected second run of 250 copies I fully plan to get on my bookshelf.

While pre-orders have been accepted for the past few months, Odo Yakuza Tokyo ships out today.

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