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9 Stylish Features in the 2016 Jaguar XJL

9 Stylish Features in the 2016 Jaguar XJL

There’s something synonymous between style and the Jaguar. Call it a bond between the British luxury car maker and its visionary design director, Ian Callum. Or maybe it’s the decades of industry-leading design, dating back to 1945. Or it could be as simple as saying the jaguar is the coolest feline in the animal kingdom. Whatever that theoretical reason may be: the Jaguar and its...

This App Lets You Teleport Your Friends To You

This App Lets You Teleport Your Friends To You

Before I get you too excited – no, humanity hasn’t discovered the technology for science fiction’s greatest invention. No dematerialization, no flashing blue lights shot from the skies, no Jumper. In our current state of advanced technology, we’re just skimming the surface of virtual reality’s practical application, 3D TV’s still require a goofy headset, and we...

Celebrate Scotland Week with Innis & Gunn and Haggis Recipes


You know what I love? Innis & Gunn. Has that richness that only the true, bold beer drinkers enjoy, with hints of scotch and other lovely delights with each sip. Granted, the richness keeps the chugging to a minimum – I love to kick start an evening sipping through one or two bottles then move to something else (usually less flavourful). Innis & Gunn isn’t meant to be...

PlayStation VR Launches October 2016 At $549.99 CAD


More than 230 Developers and Publishers on Board And Over 160 Diverse Titles in Development for PS VR Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that PlayStation®VR (PS VR), a virtual reality system that takes the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system to the next level of immersion, will launch from October 2016 in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia, at manufacturer’s suggested...

Everything we know about Tesla’s next car


The company’s mission has long been to “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.” Tesla’s next car, dubbed the Model 3, brings the company one step closer to that goal.
Source: Tesla Model 3: Everything we know – Tech Insider

Order Food in Less Than 35 Mins w/ the foodora App


It’s been a busy few months for the bike courier foodie app foodora. After launching a successfulValentines Day special for the lovey-dovey types, they’ve just introduced a new way to order food from your phone. Launched this week, there’s a new way for Toronto foodies to order meals from their favourite restaurants: the award-winning foodora mobile app is now available in the Google...

Sony Unveils New “Future Lab Program” at SXSW 2016


Introduces First Concept Prototype from this New Technological Research and Development Program at SXSW 2016 Sony Corporation today announced the launch of a new research and development initiative called the “Future Lab Program.” The Future Lab Program embraces an approach to technological research and development that emphasizes an open creative environment and direct lines of...

Five Necessities That Drive Lincoln’s Elegance [Infographic]


What makes a car luxurious? Building a prestigious brand requires more than a kick-ass marketing team or a celebrity endorsement. While handfuls of luxury car makers have spent decades defining an elevated brand perception, maintaining its high value cannot be left to loyalty and conservative thinking. The entrance of technology, expectations of luxury, and disruptive competitors are just some of...

Foodora (Formerly Hurrier) Has a Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Big Date


In Toronto, there are three things to look forward to: extremely freezing temperatures, NBA All-Star Weekend, and a lot of potential love making. With temperatures expecting to dip into the -25 degree zone (post wind chill), it may be more wise to consider spending Valentine’s Day at home this year. As a matter of choice, dating site indicated that 1 in 4 Torontonians say dinner...

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