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Celebrate Scotland Week with Innis & Gunn and Haggis Recipes


You know what I love? Innis & Gunn. Has that richness that only the true, bold beer drinkers enjoy, with hints of scotch and other lovely delights with each sip. Granted, the richness keeps the chugging to a minimum – I love to kick start an evening sipping through one or two bottles then move to something else (usually less flavourful). Innis & Gunn isn’t meant to be devoured in mass quantities like a Bud Lite; it’s a well rounded beer that ensures each sip is a lasting one.

As Scotland’s most popular brew, the folks at Innis & Gunn are looking to celebrate Scotland Week on April 4th like a Scot.

Part of I&G’s core products is the Toasted Oak IPA: triple-hop-infused brew and matured for 41 days over oak. It gives a zesty aroma full of actionable flavour, curated by delicate floral nuances. If you’re an IPA type of guys, this may be your summer beer of choice.

The brew also makes for a great food pairing, particularly with Scotland’s national dish, haggis. Below I’ve introduced two awesomely famous Scottish recipes that properly pair with an Innis & Gunn Original and Toasted Oak IPA. If you’re finding yourself in the mood to celebrate Scotland Week, it’s time to get the pots out – you’re about to eat like a king.

IG-Haggis Recipes

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IG-Haggis Recipes2

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Download both recipes to PDF here

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