Ivy-Style: “The Miyuki-zoku: Japan’s First Ivy Rebels”

Beautiful (and semi-tragic) read on the Japanese style-gang, “Miyuki-zoku”. Favouring the polished Ivy-look of mens and womenswear in the 1950’s, this rebellious troop of young Japanese men took against the then-conservative clothing style of their home country, forcing the government to arrest hundreds and warn others of defying their strict style code. In their late teens, these men and women would change from their school uniforms to their slim cut three button suits and loafers, fitted plaid shirts, white khakis, and converse – an American look that had the Japanese government concerned. And so a revolution began…

So authorities lay awake at night with the fear that foreigners would come to Japan and see kids in tight high-water pants hanging out in front of prestigious Ginza stores. Neighborhood leaders desperately wanted to eradicate the Miyuki-zoku before October, so they went to Ishizu of VAN and asked him to intervene. VAN organized a “Big Ivy Style Meet-up” at Yamaha Hall, and cops helped put 200 posters across Ginza to make sure the Miyuki-zoku showed up. Anyone who came to the event got a free VAN bag — which was the bag for storing your normal clothing during loitering hours. They expected 300 kids, but 2,000 showed up. Ishizu gave the keynote address, where he told everyone to knock it off with the lounging in Ginza. Most acquiesced, but not all.

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