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Audi RS 7 Concept: That’s a really fast autonomous car.

Without a doubt one of the coolest things to happen in 2014, Audi spent this past weekend live broadcasting their latest innovation by introducing the world’s top performing car.. without a driver.

Rippin’ the corners inside the Hockenheim Grand Prix circuit at up to 240 km/h, the driverless Audi RS 7 Concept car floored spectators both in the stands and online via Audi MediaTV, finishing the hot lap in just under 2 minute 10 seconds.

The most obvious question at the moment is: how? To cooridinate it’s position, the Audi RS 7 took exact calculations based on GPS signals, wi-fi, high-frequency radio, 3D cameras, and software that compared composite imagery with its own graphical database. This allowed the car to properly position itself on the track within centimeters to coordinate the optimal driving line.

Watch the highlights below, or read more about the event here.

You know what that means, right? The autonomous car is nearly here. Like many of the wicked technologies dreamt up in Minority Report, we’ve reached a point where cars and devices already contain the necessary components to pin-point your location in a physical building. I think we’re safe to say that we’re a decade or two off from living like the Jetsons. Seriously, book it.

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