The First Corvette Grand Sport Will Be Auctioned Off This Weekend


If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new Corvette Grand Sport, then grab a duffel bag full of cash and get your butt to Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend. The automotive auction masters at Barrett-Jackson will preside over ceremonies featuring the newest Corvette model on Friday, April 8th, at 6 p.m. sharp, so make sure to leave plenty of time to get from Hooters to the auction house.

All proceeds from the sale will go to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University in Detroit, and hopefully someone will grossly overpay for the first Grand Sport given where these funds are headed. The GM-Foundation will be making a $400,000 donation to accompany whatever amount the Corvette goes for, and given that the first Cadillac CT-6 was auctioned off last year for $200,000, probably safe to say the ‘Vette will pull in a solid amount of dough.

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The generous person who wins the bidding war will be taking home an impressive machine slotted between the boring ‘ol average Corvette, and the bonkers Z06. The Grand Sport comes close to matching the performance of the previous generation ZR1, and there’s no question that it’s a wholly better car aesthetically, even with those gaudy two tone seats.

Under the hood lies the always enjoyable 6.2-liter V8 making 460-horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. The Grand Sport also features a dry-sump oil system, stage-5-clinger Michelin tires, and seemingly ever-present Brembo brakes. If you can’t make it to Palm Beach this weekend, you’ll have to wait until this summer to get yourself a one of these dolled up Stingrays, though I have a feeling your patience will be rewarded.

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