The 2017 Lincoln Continental Allegedly has 40,000 Interested Buyers


With a design as head-turning as the 2015 Lincoln Continental concept, the Lincoln Motor Company surely knew it had a winner on its hands, but perhaps not this much of a winner.  The automaker revealed its all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental in January, a very subtle evolution of the original concept, and already the company says it has a list of 40,000 interested buyers. The report comes from...

Singapore is Getting the World’s First Fully Autonomous Taxi Service This Year


Real Autonomy Car companies around the world are making impressive strides toward making autonomous cars a reality. And with the technology for these vehicles looming on the horizon, it’s prompting the public to reimagine how the technology will fundamentally shift our way of life and present new opportunities for peripheral industries. But despite this promise, the world has yet to see...

Samsung Patents Smart Contact Lenses With a Built-in Camera


Smart Eyes Samsung just took another step into science fiction. South Korea has just granted the tech giant a patent for contact lenses with a display that can project images straight into the user’s eye. The news comes from a Samsung-centric blog SamMobile. The lenses are equipped with a built-in camera and sensors that can be controlled simply by blinking. Content is sent to your smartphone...

AltspaceVR wants to make VR chat sessions part of everyday life


There are plenty of ways to hang out with other people in VR, from competitive games like EVE: Valkyrie to the Gear VR’s group video streaming options. But one of the most fully developed platforms is AltspaceVR, a cross-platform virtual environment based around mirroring real-world social activities. After several months on the mobile Gear VR headset, AltspaceVR launched a few days ago on...

FAA committee says small drones should be allowed to fly over cities and crowds


A working group commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration has released a set of recommendations for how small drones should be regulated, opening a path for commercial drone flight over populated cities, and even creating a special class of drones that would be allowed to fly over large crowds at low altitudes. The report argues that drones that weigh 250 grams or less should be allowed...

This $10 Laser Uses Your Smartphone to Turn a Wheelchair into an Autonomous Vehicle


Infrared Systems Researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratoy (CSAIL) have developed a new infrared depth-sensing and rangefinding system that can work outdoors just as well as it can indoors. This is already a significant improvement in the technology, given that measuring distance using infrared-based systems can easily be disrupted by ambient light. To work...

Mazda Patents Suggest a New RX-7 Could Be on the Way

Mazda Patents Suggest a New RX-7 Could Be on the Way

Any list of “dearly departed” road cars cannot be complete without mention of the storied Mazda RX-7. For many enthusiasts, it was the pinnacle of Japanese sports car engineering, and much of that boiled down to its very special (and high-revving) Wankel rotary engine.  Mazda famously ended production of the Wankel in 2012, not particularly because it wanted to, but because it had to. The last...

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Teach You to Play the Guitar


Real-Life Guitar Hero When different disciplines such as music and technology come together, they can spark remarkably interesting ideas. Thus, it’s no surprise to see that—for those of you who are aspiring musicians, avid guitar players, or anything in-between—there’s a new program out there that promises to help you master the guitar. Allen Van Wert, who is known as one of the fastest guitar...

Fallout 4’s second add-on changes up settlement life next week


Prepare to enter the Wasteland Workshop The next expansion for Fallout 4, "Wasteland Workshop," launches on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One April 12. Bethesda Game Studios debuted the add-on’s first trailer, viewable above, alongside the release date announcement. As previously detailed, "Wasteland Workshop" will cost $4.99; it’s also part of the larger...

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