Reggie Chats with The Old Spice Guy [VIDEO]

I hate doing interviews. I find them too mechanical and the dialog is far too forced to be meaningful. Plus I suck at them. I always find it more comforting to shoot the shit and chat with people in normal, everyday conversation.

The good people at Old Spice invited me on the Tall Ship Kajama to meet the Old Spice Guy, also known as Isaiah Mustafa. With the sun beaming down on his guests, we were served with tasty hors d’oeuvres, refreshing drinks, and a mountain of Mancakes (my favourite: the maple bacon cupcake). It was a picture perfect afternoon on the Harbourfront. Not that I expected anything less when in the presence of the master.

During our chat, we went over his tattoos, his upcoming movie roles, and a little on Neve Campbell. I stuck the Old Spice Guy’s PSA at the end for all you Canadian ladies (or, Canladians).

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