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UPDATE: Since I last wrote this article, Jason Culala has departed from Mankind Grooming and has started another barbershop called, Original Grooming Experts, located at Richmond and Spadina (two doors from Mankind Grooming, heh). Coincidentally, most of the barbers from Mankind went with him. OGX is where I go for my haircuts now, so you should check them out instead. Most of my review involving servicing still applies to Original Grooming Experts, however I’ve snipped some of it out for relevancy (and left some unnecessary details about myself in the process). Cheers.

Previous article, shortened:

I have to be honest with you for this TeamGuy Journey – Mankind owner Jason Culala is a good friend of mine, and if you knew how awesome that guy is, you’d agree that a) writing a good review on Mankind has nothing to do with knowing the man behind the sheers, and b) being honest about your bias aligns well with Jason’s honest and genuine personality.

But I can tell you one thing I’m feeling a little less comfortable about with this post: I’ve never had a facial or a manicure before and never really gave it much thought. For every obvious reason in a straight guy’s book.

I usually get a monthly dosage of The Alpha Male on the Mankind menu with Jason. It’s easily their most popular service, and I can pretty much guarantee a big fat majority of TeamBuys today will head straight for it. And you should. It’s low in price with an incredible package of offerings, and the overall experience is well worth your time.

The Alpha Male

  • Haircut & style
  • Shampoo and conditioning treatment
  • Scalp massage
  • Paraffin hand wax
  • Hand massage
  • Hot towel and facial toner
  • Cleanup shampoo after haircut
  • Free touch-up within 2 weeks of previous appointment

But since my visit to their new location at Eglinton/Yonge was my first, and well, TeamBuy sent me there to investigate, I figured I’d jump into something new that I’ve never tried before.

I also had the thickest sideburns ever and had a TIBURON decal on my car. Facepalm.

Ten years ago I was a shmuck. I had a jungl-ey goatee that I purposely grew to hide a mole above my lip. I felt that growing a tremendous amount of hair on my face would cover it. It was severely unkept. Paired with my thick-frame glasses, the combination looked something like a mask that made me look 35 years old. But without the goatee, I looked 15. It was lose-lose no matter what way you looked at it.

On the topic of hair, I also had a wicked rat tail back in elementary school. Loved that thing. Some bitch of a classmate who sat behind me cut it off one day and after throwing a mild tantrum, I kept it for 10 years hidden inside a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica before eventually throwing out the carcass.

Earlier in the year, I made fun of my dad and uncle for getting a manicure and pedicure while we were in the Philippines . My dad has this thing where he likes to finish his statements with, “LIKE A MAN“. ie. “Hmm, what should I order. I’ll get a beer. LIKE A MAN.” Then he’d order a strawberry daiquiri when nobody was looking. So the irony, I thought, was necessary.

Caring about my skin was the least of my concerns, and shamefully, it still is today.

It’s a growing trend that guys are being sent by their girlfriends to get their ratty toenails and crusty faces adjusted. I don’t have anything against advise given by the opposite sex when it comes to bettering ourselves. Because really, how do you think I got my thick glasses and thicker goatee off my face? So trust me, there’s some truth to their alien language.

Skin care is considered the next step for the modern man. We’ve made it through to dressing better. We’re wearing cologne, using after shave, and getting our hair correctly refined. We’ve got the Old Spice Guy reminding us that there’s room for improvement in every man (like I spoke with him about here and I said on the Globe & Mail). Our next step is to keep our skin healthy.

I’d like to note that I also don’t think every guy in the world needs to have soft hands and perfect toes. That’s just weird. I’m talking about removing the rust from the car, if you catch my drift.

Rest of the article has been snipped. *Snnnnip*.

UPDATE #2: If you’re interested in learning more about skin care, I recently published an article on the Huffington Post which might be up your alley.

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